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Carpet Stain Removal

Eliminate stubborn carpet stains and restore the beauty of your carpets with our professional carpet stain removal services. At Trade select, we understand that spills and accidents happen, and that’s why we’re here to provide you with effective and efficient stain removal solutions.
Here’s how our carpet stain removal process works:

Step 1: Assessment – Our experienced technicians will assess the type and severity of the carpet stain. We’ll identify the specific stain and determine the best approach for its removal. Different stains require different treatments, and our expertise ensures that we select the most suitable method for your specific situation.

Step 2: Pre-Treatment – We apply a specialized pre-treatment solution to break down the stain and loosen its grip on the carpet fibres. This pre-treatment solution is designed to target the specific stain type and prepare the carpet for thorough cleaning.

Step 3: Stain Extraction – Our powerful extraction equipment is used to remove the stain from the carpet fibres. Our technicians employ various techniques, such as hot water extraction or steam cleaning, to effectively and safely extract the stain. This process flushes out the loosened stain particles, leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Step 4: Spot Treatment – If necessary, we perform additional spot treatments to address any lingering traces of the stain. Our team utilizes specialized stain removal products and techniques to target stubborn spots and ensure a thorough removal.

Step 5: Final Inspection – After the stain removal process, our technicians conduct a thorough inspection to ensure that the stain has been completely eliminated. We strive for perfection and want you to be satisfied with the results.

Our carpet stain removal services are suitable for a wide range of stains, including food and beverage spills, pet stains, ink stains, oil and grease stains, and more. We use safe and effective cleaning agents that are tough on stains but gentle on your carpets.

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