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Odour Control & Removal

Eliminate unpleasant odours and ensure a fresh and clean environment with our advanced odour control and removal services. At [Trade select, we understand that odours can be disruptive and create an unwelcoming atmosphere. That’s why we offer a range of effective odour control solutions, including cold fogging, thermal fogging, ozone machines, and hydroxyl machines.
Here’s how our odor control services can help:

1. Cold Fogging: Our cold fogging technique involves using specialized equipment to disperse a fine mist of odour-neutralizing agents into the air. These agents penetrate deep into porous surfaces, fabrics, and hard-to-reach areas, effectively neutralizing and eliminating odours at their source. Cold fogging is safe for use around people and pets and can effectively treat a wide range of odours, including smoke, pet odours, cooking smells, and more.

2. Thermal Fogging: In cases of severe and persistent odours, thermal fogging may be the ideal solution. This method involves using a thermal fogger that heats a specialized deodorizing solution, creating a fog that fills the space and reaches all surfaces. The fog particles bond with and neutralize odour molecules, effectively eliminating even the most stubborn odours. Thermal fogging is particularly useful for treating fire and smoke damage, mould and mildew odours, and other strong, pervasive smells.

3. Ozone Machine: Ozone machines are highly effective at permanently eliminating odours by oxidizing and breaking down odour-causing molecules. These machines emit ozone, a powerful oxidizing agent, which safely and efficiently neutralizes odours. Ozone treatment is particularly effective for removing smoke odours, pet odours, and other persistent smells. Our trained professionals will assess your space and determine the appropriate duration and intensity of ozone treatment for optimal odour removal.

4. Hydroxyl Machine: Hydroxyl machines generate hydroxyl radicals, which are safe and natural air purifiers. These radicals effectively neutralize odours and break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present in the air. Hydroxyl machines are safe for use around people and pets and can be used in occupied spaces. They are particularly useful for eliminating odours caused by smoke, mould, bacteria, and other organic sources.

Our experienced technicians will assess your specific odour concerns and recommend the most suitable odour control solution for your needs. We prioritize safety, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction in all our odour control services. Our team is trained in the proper use of equipment and techniques to ensure optimal results while minimizing any potential disruptions.

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