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Hard Surface & Pressure Cleaning

We have multiple pressure washing services. From our large scale Diesel heated pressure washer, Truck mount machines to portable mobile pressure washers.

Our service covers the following pressure washing and tile cleaning services:

  • Tile and grout cleaning ( home, office or commercial )
  • Grout line sealing
  • Pressure cleaning of warehouse flooring & walls
  • Pressure cleaning of driveways
  • Pressure cleaning of building and walls
  • Dry Ice blasting of surfaces after fire or mould damage
  • Pressure cleaning after fire damage

Our pressure cleaning process:

  1. Assessment of material and areas to be cleaned
  2. Document, scope and quote work
  3. Carry out pressure washing cleaning
  4. Clean up after completion of work

Pressure washing Services explained

At our company, we offer comprehensive pressure washing services to meet various cleaning needs. Here’s a breakdown of the different services we provide: 

1.Tile Cleaning and Sealing:

We specialize in both indoor and outdoor tile cleaning. Our indoor system features a sealed vacuum recovery system, ensuring delicate cleaning within homes or businesses. We also offer penetrating sealing of grout lines to strengthen the grout and make it easier to clean in the future. Our tile cleaning services cover porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone tiles.

2.Concrete Floor Cleaning:

We provide concrete floor cleaning services for a range of applications, including commercial properties, factories, and domestic settings. Our heated water pressure cleaning system uses high-pressure heated water to effectively agitate and clean the surface. The heat provides an added cleaning benefit, making it easier to remove stubborn stains and marks.

3.General Pressure Washing:

Our portable water pressure system is suitable for cleaning a wide range of surfaces. Whether it’s driveways, walls, footpaths, or retainer walls, our pressure washing services can help restore the cleanliness and appearance of these hard surfaces.

4.Dry Ice Blasting:

Dry ice blasting is an effective method for removing stubborn soot and smoke staining. This technique is often used in our fire cleaning jobs. It can also be utilized in removing mould contamination on selected surfaces as an additional tool in our mould remediation services. Dry ice blasting is a suitable alternative in areas where water pressure washing could potentially cause unwanted damage.

Our pressure washing services are designed to provide thorough and efficient cleaning for different surfaces, ensuring optimal results. With our expertise and specialized equipment, we can tackle various cleaning challenges, delivering outstanding outcomes for our clients.

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