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Site Assessments And Reporting

Site Assessments And Reporting

Our team of qualified technicians, equipped with our proprietary software, will visit the site to conduct a comprehensive assessment and prepare detailed reports in various areas. These reports serve as a foundation for discussion with our clients, enabling us to formulate a recommended course of action that includes a comprehensive plan for mitigation, remediation, and restoration.

By providing these detailed reports upfront, we ensure that our team and clients are on the same page regarding the necessary steps, costs, timelines, and expected outcomes. This transparency allows all parties involved to stay updated and informed throughout the project, including progress, milestones, and budgets.

 Our goal is to be thorough, efficient, and cost-effective, ensuring that the outcome is mutually agreed upon and satisfactory for all our clients, stakeholders, and projects. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions that address the specific needs of each project while maintaining open lines of communication and delivering results that meet or exceed expectations.

  • Moisture mapping and room damage documentation
  • Restoration assessment and planning
  • Mould assessment, sampling and remediation planning
  • Fire remediation assessment, planning
  • Drug and Grow house assessment and remediation planning
  • Causation and investigation report and rectification

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